Prostate Cancer - 3-D Diagnosis and Targeted Focal Therapy

International Program for 3-D Diagnosis & Therapy of Prostate Cancer


Targeted Focal Therapy (TFT) is a new approach for management of early stage, organ-confined prostate cancer. It involves selective destruction of only the areas of cancer within the prostate and sparing the rest of the healthy prostatic tissue and surroundings. This selective destruction can be achieved through freezing or heating (microwaves, laser, etc.) the tumor. The rationale behind this approach is to preserve quality of life by minimizing the side effects often caused during prostate cancer surgery, which inevitable damages vital structures around the prostate such as the bladder, urinary sphincter, and nerves in the vicinity of the prostate and the rectum.


3D Mapping is the 3-dimensional, real-life reconstruction of the prostate gland based on pathology results from prostatic biopsies integrated to ultrasound and CT-scan imaging of the gland in a transperineal plane. With the use of innovative software, the rendering of a 3D image of the prostate, including the malignant lesions, allows us to identify exactly where the cancer is located; subsequently we can treat only the cancer using TFT. 

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