Prostate Cancer - 3-D Diagnosis and Targeted Focal Therapy

International Program for 3-D Diagnosis & Therapy of Prostate Cancer


The surgical management of prostate cancer has evolved extensively over the past several decades and the number of radical prostatectomies has dramatically increased. It is estimated that over 70,000 men per year will undergo this procedure in the United States; with our team performing over 3,500 prostatectomies.


Because the majority of men diagnosed with prostate cancer have localized disease, refinement in the technique has occurred, including robotic procedures.  However, there still is a substantial risk of side effects (such as urinary incontinence and sexual impotence) and the economic burden is very high. Careful evaluation of the prostates removed after surgery suggest that not all men needed to have such an aggressive approach to cure them from prostate cancer, and that partial ablation would have been a more acceptable alternative.


Thus, the current focus of our 3D-Program is to preserve the normal prostate while permanently destroying cancer foci. Once a man is determined to be a candidate for 3D therapy, the cancers are destroyed with minimally invasive techniques. Methods for ablation include cryotherapy, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), electroporation and laser activated therapy. A periodic follow-up and specialized counseling in diet and life style complement this approach.  Patients receiving this more conservative therapy show less secondary effects.


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