Prostate Cancer - 3-D Diagnosis and Targeted Focal Therapy

International Program for 3-D Diagnosis & Therapy of Prostate Cancer


Medical Oncology is a discipline that normally focuses on advanced cancer.


The Grampsas Urologic Oncology Clinic has a dedicated team of Urologic oncologists. The group is comprised of Al Barqawi, MD, David Crawford, MD, Paul Maroni, MD, and Shandra Wilson, MD. Each is subspecialty trained and each is a leader in his/her field. Dr. Barqawi focuses on mapping biopsies for prostate cancer and innovative therapies and imaging. Dr. Crawford, the prior president of SWOG has written over 200 manuscripts published in peer review journals. He focuses on targeted therapy, cryotherapy and surgery for prostate cancer. Dr. Maroni is the head of robotics and has a special interest in testicular cancer but is also very involved in minimally invasive surgery for kidney and prostate cancer. Dr. Wilson is the fellowship director and treats 70% of all curable invasive bladder cancer in the state. She is also very involved in minimally invasive kidney and prostate surgery as well.


The urologic oncology research works to obtain access to a variety of clinical trials for our patients -- approximately 100 urologic oncology patients enroll in research protocols each year through our clinic. Recent clinical trials in prostate cancer have included investigations of new treatments for recurrent superficial bladder cancer, improved bowel motility studies after surgery, drugs to improve potency after surgery, and better markers, imaging, and treatment for localized prostate cancer. Come pay us a visit to learn more (720-848-0170)!


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