Prostate Cancer - 3-D Diagnosis and Targeted Focal Therapy

International Program for 3-D Diagnosis & Therapy of Prostate Cancer


COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (CAM) are alternative medicine treatments such as acupuncture or chiropractic that are used to complement traditional conventional care provided by physicians.


Most patients at the Center for Integrative Medicine are encouraged to consider some type of CAM therapy. A physician will create an individualized cam treatment plan for you. Depending on your condition and symptoms, therapies such as acupuncture, massage, spiritual counseling or yoga may be recommended. For example, acupuncture can be effective in helping minimize hot flashes that may come with the hormonal treatment of prostate cancer, and massage can help promote relaxation and decrease stress.


The Center for Integrative Medicine’s practitioners are experienced in treating patients with cancer. They use the same medical record as the providers at the prostate cancer center and so they can make sure any recommendations won’t interfere with treatments or recommendations your prostate cancer physicians may be making. Our providers will always communicate with you, and your other health care providers, to ensure that the effective and safe therapy is provided – thus ensuring that your care is truly integrative. You won’t find this in the community!


CAM therapy should never replace conventional treatment - this is ineffective and dangerous. In contrast, The Center for Integrative Medicine offers a variety of CAM treatment options to complement conventional cancer treatment. All therapies are provided under physician supervision.


Come visit The Center for Integrative Medicine by starting with a meeting with our physician or physician assistant to explore lifestyle and CAM options that can help you feel your very best and give you resources to take an active role in managing your prostate cancer.


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