Prostate Cancer - 3-D Diagnosis and Targeted Focal Therapy

International Program for 3-D Diagnosis & Therapy of Prostate Cancer


At the Center for Integrative Medicine, we specialize in complementary care for all phases of prostate cancer treatment:
• primary prevention (not getting it in the first place),

• treatment of active cancer (helping to minimize side effects and maximize function of conventional treatments), and

• secondary prevention (prevent it from recurring).


We can help minimize effects of prostate cancer or its treatment on your physical well-being as well as your social and psychological health.


Here are our favorite tools for helping patients who are dealing with prostate cancer:


EXERCISE: Studies have shown that daily exercise helps prevent many types of cancer and may help prevent recurrence. Exercise is the best “supplement” to strengthen your immune system! It is also the most effective tool to manage the fatigue that may come with treatment. Exercise is also crucial for stress management and good sleep. We counsel patients on aerobic exercise or in some cases refer to a cancer exercise specialist.


NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING: Side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatment can present nutritional challenges for cancer patients. By meeting with a registered dietitian, you can learn healthy eating techniques to relieve side effects and promote healing. Have you been wondering about supplements to prevent or treat prostate cancer, or have you heard about dietary adjustments like eating more tomatoes or less sugar? Our specially trained dietitians help patients sort fact from fiction about dietary approaches that prevent and treat prostate cancer.


PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING: Being diagnosed with cancer is often overwhelming. A visit with a psychologist experienced in working with patients who have cancer can help them manage the stress, anxiety, fear and identity issues that come with this diagnosis.


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