Prostate Cancer - 3-D Diagnosis and Targeted Focal Therapy

International Program for 3-D Diagnosis & Therapy of Prostate Cancer


The International Program for 3-Dimensional (3D) Diagnosis & Therapy of Prostate Cancer, based at the University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus [best hospital] gathers a comprehensive group of medical and scientific professionals highly specialized in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment (including targeted focal therapy - TFT) of prostate cancer.  Please, watch the video below before you continue browsing our web site.


Below is a 3D computer generated, transparent view from the left side of the prostate built by overlapping  ultrasound images with pathology results from mapping biopsies. It shows the location of two different cancer lesions (light orange).

3D Mapping Biopsy

The precise identification of these early-stage cancer lesions allows the practice of conservative targeted focal therapy (TFT), with less post-operatory complications and offering better  quality of life.




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